4: D-DAY

I came to wonder if there might have been an 'outer reason' to Jung's 'resurrection' in 1944. I put the words between guillemets for there are many thousands of people who like Jung nearly died, if not being declared clinically dead, but I hope to have shown Jung's case has some peculiarities deserving a deep study.
So the most important outer event was indeed World War II, which was still raging in the beginning of 44. The balance had turned in 43 with the German defeats in Russia and North Africa, but the Allied still had a big job to win against two nations engaged in a total war.
As 4/4/44 is so strangely linked with the 4/5ths of Jung's life, I wondered which day would mark the 4/5ths of WWII's total duration. Its beginning is clearly invasion of Poland on Sept 1, 1939, followed two days later by war declarations of England and France.
WWII's end might be discussed, May 8, 1945 only signifying Germany's surrender. The first date I thought of was the day Emperor Hirohito announced to his people Japan's surrender. His speech was broadcast at noon Japan standard time on August 15, 1945. This is called V-J Day (Victory over Japan), although there is an alternative date with the official signature in September.
Here it is necessary to put the events in Greenwich Mean Time, which was 9 hours late with Japan time, so Japan's surrender was at 3:00 GMT on Aug 15, 1945, while invasion of Poland at 4:30 AM Germany time was at 3:30 GMT on Sept 1, 1939. So we have about an exact number of days, and the site already quoted shows easily that WWII lasted 2175 days, within a few minutes (to have an exact count, I put 3:30 for Japan's surrender, which anyway was announced a bit after noon Japan time).
As Japan and America are separated by the Date Line, VJ Day falls on Aug 14 in the USA.

The 4/5ths of 2175 are 1740, and 1740 days after Sept 1, 1939, 3:30, lead to June 6, 1944, 3:30, at the very moment when began what is considered as the most important military operation in all times. At this hour most of the about 6000 boats engaged in the Neptune operation are a few miles in front of the 5 chosen beaches, and the soldiers are embarking on the LSTs that will land in the first glows of dawn, at about 5:00 GMT.

Well it's not clear how Jung's survival might have helped the success of the D-Day, but the choice of Aug 15, 1945 as the end of WWII leads to quite strange echoes:
- 4/5ths of WWII fall on Tuesday 6/6/44.
- 4/5ths of Jung's life fall on Tuesday 4/4/44, exactly 9 weeks earlier.
- Jung died on another Tuesday 6/6, June 6, 1961.
On another hand, it's quite striking that there were 5 landing sites, often given by their codenames UTAH-OMAHA-GOLD-JUNO-SWORD, often in this order from West to East (here on a wall of the Caen Memorial Museum).
The striking point is that the 4th of the five sites is JUNo, while Overlord started in JUNe (JUNi in German), at the 4/5th of WWII, while JUNg was slightly recovering health and was beginning the last fifth of his life.
Going on in JUNk talking, JUNo is Latin name for Hera, wife of great god Zeus (the Overlord ?) While Jung was between life and death in March 44, he saw himself in a classical amphitheater situated in a verdant chain of hills:
Men and woman dancers came on-stage, and upon a flower-decked couch All-father Zeus and Hera consummated the mystic marriage, as it is described in the Iliad. (MDR, Visions)
Zeus is a continuation of *Diēus, the Proto-Indo-European god of the daytime, deriving from the basic form *dyeu- ("to shine", and in its many derivatives, "sky, heaven, god"). Zeus is indeed the god of the SKY, HIMMEL in German, and I found the letters composing HAEMMERLI, the doctor that saved Jung, could rearrange in a perfect crossing of HIMMEL and HERA:
While Greek Hera has to do with "air", Latin Juno might come from Etruscan uni, "unit", or from an Indo-European root meaning "young" (German jung), so the etymology of the derived month Junius is too doubtful (it was originally the 4th month in Roman calendar, the last one to have a proper name, while following one was Quintilis, "fifth", then renamed Julius).
If the weather had been fine on June 4, as the precise day of the Landing was just scheduled in the beginning of June, and if the beginning of the year had not been changed by Julius Caesar, D-Day would have been 4/4/44.

About crossing words, a famous coincidence is the appearance of the 5 solution words Utah-Omaha-Gold-Juno-Sword in the Daily Telegraph crosswords within a few months before the D-Day. It became alarmous when the main keywords Overlord-Neptune-Mulberry appeared the week before 6/6/44, so an inquiry was led by the MI5 and the puzzlemaker was arrested (but soon released). It seems today there was an explanation, but a Jungian approach might add something.
Here is the grid of puzzle 5797 from May 27, 44, with some of the clues (complete clues here, but I couldn't find anywhere the solutions, except for 10-11 Across which are COTTER-OVERLORD):
10 Not apparently very high-class land... (6)
11 ...but some bigwig like this has stolen some of it at times (8)

18 There's no list for the ships on this (4,4)
19 Of secret coded position, and not taxed (4,4)
22 What a girl might expect if a sailor gives her the bird (6)
23 Cool place to work in (6)
24 Figure of speech is turned on quite a way (6)
25 Asked for convalescent patient's meal (6)

I put the last Down clues because their numbers of letters allow to write two times the date 6/6/44 (which actually nobody knew as Neptune was scheduled on Jun 5, but repelled for bad weather). It's weird too to find the words 'ships', 'secret coded position', 'sailors', and the 'convalescent patient' reminds us of Jung who, from his hospital bed in Zürich, kept informed about the new front in Western Europe.
I notice there are 68 shaded cases on the grid, 4 times 17 as it's a symmetric grid. There are 17 clues Across (and 17 clues Down). Roughly Jung lived 68 years before 4/4/44 and 17 after.

In another time zone, the NYT could announce the landing in France in its 6 AM issue, although it occured too at 6 AM, France standard time (actually Germany time). I was striked long ago by this beginning of France's liberation under a 6-6-6 repeat, while first World War's Armistice, signed on the early hours of 11/11/1918, became effective at the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month."

I discovered the forum Unus Mundus on Sep 19, 08, soon after my finding about 4/4/44 which I wanted to share.
I noticed a topic called The 11:11 Phenomenon, where I wrote my second post on the forum.
Last 11/11/09, I wrote another post there, about the movie 11:11 I had seen recently on a streaming site. I appreciate the random daily addition of movies on these sites, allowing me to discover titles I was not aware of.
This 11/11 evening, I visited the site and noticed a movie by William Friedkin, Cruising (1980). I watched it, and was quite surprised during a scene where the cop Al Pacino is searching a suspect's flat. There's a book on a table, Al opens it, and it's a picture painted by Jung in his Red Book. I wouldn't have recognized it if the Red Book had not been published two months ago, and if this picture had not been shown by the NYT. The movie shows another picture, and a member said it came too from the Red Book.
I posted this on the forum late on 11/11. Next day I thought the scene showing the pictures happened just before the stop occurring each 72' period on the streaming site. I went back to it, watching for the exact time. The book is opened at time 1:11:09 and closed at time 1:11:16. At time 1:11:11 the camera is sliding from one picture to the other, see right below :
I'm a bit obsessed by double dates, and my novel mentioned in last post was about murders committed on 3/3, 4/4, 5/5 and 6/6, 1999. D-Day 55th anniversary was mentioned in it.
There is a kind of '2/2 phenomenon' associated to the fifth of Jung's life, 6272 days and 4 hours.
It only reveals itself on
4/4/44, 12:00, the time calculated to be his life's 4/5ths,
6/6/61, 16:00 is his deathtime,
8/8/78, 20:00 comes then, adding 6272 days 4 hours to previous time,
10/10/95, 24:00 is the next date,
12/12/12, 4:00 is the last match, another addition leading to
13/02/30, 8:00, but there might be no more calendar then, as Earth's end is announced on 12/21/12...
No kidding, 7/26/(18)75 didn't seemed to have anything special, but it is the symmetric date to 12/12/(20)12, taking 4/4/(19)44 as a central point.
The 2/2 effect is more tight. Assuming Jung was born at 20:00, he had to die between 13:30 and 16:00 on 6/6/61. The death certificate gives 16:00, while Ruth Bailey reports he died at 15:45.

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